Wine should be stored lying down at a constant temperature of around 12 degrees and at a humidity of around 70%.In addition, wine should not be exposed to direct sunlight or vibrations.
Yes, Nordic Freeport is open every weekday between 10:00 and 15:00, and inspection, delivery and collection of wine can take place during this time, but must be notified at least one weekday in advance.
Both individuals and investors at RareWine Invest can store wine at Nordic Freeport.
Right now Nordic Freeport has a capacity of +2.000.000 bottles.


The wine is secured by video surveillance, thermal cameras, vibration sensors and by constant temperature and humidity. The warehouse is secured 24 hours a day.
The wines are securely packed on pallets.
A trained staff receives and handles the wines at Nordic Freeport. They ensure that the products are handled correctly and packaged in a safe manner.
In case of loss or damage, the wine will be replaced or reimbursed at rate 110.