EU’s Only Public
 Bonded Warehouse For Wine & Spirits

Nordic Freeport is located in Vester Hassing, Denmark. Nordic Freeport is a modern warehouse built in 2016 and expanded in 2020; here, wines are professionally guarded, and all safety regulations are fulfilled. More than 1800 clients from all over the world use Nordic Freeport for storage.

High Demands On Own Performance

Nordic Freeport is more than a warehouse. It stores some of the world’s most expensive wines in quantities not seen elsewhere. The range of customers is wide, but that does not affect the customer orientation. Service is paramount – both internally and externally.

This means that high standards are set internally to ensure good customer satisfaction. Therefore, there are strict requirements for service and demand that the warehouse is always up to date.

It is all about finesse, velvet gloves, and focus on the wine.

High Scalability Requirements

Demand for wine storage in Europe is steadily increasing, and Nordic Freeport’s warehouses are filling up more daily. As a result, a receiving station handles large volumes of goods arriving at Nordic Freeport daily. It is essential that processes and functions are scalable to ensure the development of the warehouse – and they are.


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