State Of The Art Security

Security at Nordic Freeport covers everything from warehouse management to wine logistics, including transport, import and distribution. Safeguarding of wine is implicit in all processes in the warehouse.

Day-to-day operations are driven by IT, and WMS systems ensure high accuracy of daily services. State of the art lifting equipment contributes to full control over the handling of the large volumes of wine daily entering and leaving the warehouse.

Nordic Freeport stores very valuable wines and therefore security must be world class – both in terms of external and internal security. In addition to having a competent staff that handles the goods with great professionalism, we always make sure to be up to date on the latest developed technologies, so that Nordic Freeport is secured 24 hours a day, every day of the week, all year round.

Nordic Freeport Secure Your Assets

It is essential that ideal storage conditions are provided for the wines to preserve their integrity and age in optimal conditions. That is why Nordic Freeport is equipped with the latest security technology.

Temperature & Humidity

One of Nordic Freeport’s most distinguished tasks is to ensure that both temperature and humidity are optimal and constant in the warehouse, so that the wines have the best environment for ageing.

Therefore, a humidity of 70 % and a temperature of 12 degrees are used. Humidity is particularly important for the cork plugs, which often seal the precious drops.

Both temperature and humidity are documented, so there is a thorough provenance of wines stored at nordic freeport.

Thermal Cameras

Nordic Freeport is equipped with thermal cameras to alert if a fire breaks out in the warehouse. A thermal camera monitors and reacts to any heat radiation and is therefore an important tool in our daily lives.

This safety measure ensures that a timely reaction can be taken in case of fire or inappropriate heat that could potentially develop.

Vibration Sensors

An important tool to achieve maximum safety in the warehouse are vibration sensors placed on the walls. They detect vibrations and therefore help us locate potential intruders.

Another advantage of vibration sensors is that they also tell us if there are inappropriate vibrations at the shelves where the wine is stored.

Video Surveillance

Nothing comes to or from Nordic Freeport without being monitored by a video camera. This is obviously due to a desire to create the safest possible conditions for employees as well as for the very valuable items the warehouse guards.

In addition, video surveillance obviously allows wine investors to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that their portfolios are being monitored night and day.

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